Sawnee EMC sends local students to Washington leadership tour



CUMMING, Ga. — Sawnee EMC sponsored a recent youth leadership trip to Washington, D.C June 12-19. Two local high school students, Nili Nourpavar from Centennial High School and Chad Newstrom from West Hall High School, represented Sawnee EMC at the Electric Cooperative Youth Tour with 107 other Georgia high school students. The Georgia delegation joined approximately 1,600 peers and 300 chaperones from 43 other states.

The program gathers students representing electric cooperatives nationwide and teaches leadership skills and the need for civic involvement. It also immerses students in the culture and history of the U.S.

“This trip allowed me to experience everything I learned in class, but also be able to truly absorb the country’s past,” said Nourpavar.

Students toured the nation’s capital, visiting landmarks such as presidential monuments, war memorials and the Library of Congress. They also had discussions with staff and members of Georgia’s congressional delegation.

“The students come away with an understanding of the challenges facing our entire nation,” said Cindy Badgett of Sawnee EMC. “They gain new insight to the vision, leadership and sacrifice required to build a better life for themselves, their families and their communities.”


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