Sawnee EMC debuts ‘winter energy efficiency’ video



CUMMING, Ga. — The recent winter weather has been brutal, so now more than ever, is the time for residents to be thinking about their power bill and overdue energy efficiency improvements they may have been putting off. 

Electricity customers shouldn’t wait until they get a high bill in the mail before they get motivated to do something about electricity usage.

With this in mind, Sawnee Electric Membership Corporation recently published a short, two-minute “how to” video to help its members get focused on winter energy efficiency.

The video was emailed to about 80,000 Sawnee members.

The energy conservation tips aim to increase the comfort level within a home or business, but they can also help keep energy bills low throughout the year. 

“The U.S. Department of Energy suggests that on average, about 54 percent of a home’s annual energy usage relates to their method of heating and cooling,” said Blake House, vice president of Sawnee’s member services. “We are constantly reminding our members to use electricity wisely, especially in extreme weather, and to always be conscious of how much energy they are using each day.”

Sawnee suggests that its members set their thermostat to 68 degrees or lower in the winter to keep their heating cost as low as possible. 

They also recommend all air conditioning systems be serviced annually by a professional and that the HVAC filters be checked monthly to make sure the system is operating at its peak efficiency. 

Finally, Sawnee recommends that the duct system be checked regularly for leaks, tears and to ensure that the duct connections have not come loose.  

One common mistake that energy experts encounter is when the homeowner’s furniture and/or drapes are blocking the air flow from the vents, or when vents are closed off all together. All vents, both supply and return, should be left open and flowing, no matter where they are located.

Adding extra insulation in the attic, especially if it has not been done in the last 10 years, will keep homes warm in winter and cool in summer. 

Sawnee EMC offers a rebate of up to $200 for qualifying attic installation upgrades to help defray some of the cost. Contact member services for more details. 

Sawnee EMC also offers for its staff to come out to residents’ homes “free of charge” to give personalized energy suggestions tailored for each unique situation.

The new “how to” energy video can be found at or by searching “Sawnee EMC Energy Efficiency” on YouTube.

Visit or call their customer care center at 770-887-2363 for more information.

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