Same suspect possible in Johns Creek, Forsyth incidents

Two boys report seeing ‘Asian’ man



JOHNS CREEK, Ga. — Police and local residents are on the lookout after two incidents involving children approached by possibly the same man.

In the Deerlake neighborhood of Forsyth County, near the border with Johns Creek, the first incident happened Sept. 6. An 8-year-old boy told police that an Asian man in a white van drove up to him.

“The male pulled his van next to the child as he was walking home. The male asked the child if he needed a ride. The child immediately walked home and reported this incident to his parents,” said Karleen Chalker, a spokeswoman with the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office.

The suspect was described as Asian in his late 30s or early 40s, and wearing glasses.

A similar case happened in the Johns Creek neighborhood of Blackstone a few days later.

Another little boy, age 8, told police an Asian man drove up to him and waved. He was said to be driving a dark-colored truck. There is no other description given.

“There’s nothing we can pinpoint as far as who the individual was,” said Lt. Paul Michaud, the detective investigating the case. He said there was little description of the suspect or the vehicle, and police do not even know if this was an attempted abduction or simply a man waving. The man did not get out of the car.

Police are investigating and urge the public to keep watch and report any suspicious activity.

“We take this seriously,” Michaud said.

The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office and Johns Creek Police have been in contact with each other and are working together, sharing any information they may get regarding similar incidents, vehicles and people matching the descriptions, said Chalker.

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