Safe, guns stolen from Freemanville home in Milton



MILTON, Ga. – A young man possibly stole a safe filled with guns Nov. 6 from a Freemanville residence.

The victim told police he was missing a safe from his home. Inside the safe were three weapons – a Beretta Model 85 with blue finish, a Smith and Wesson police special and a blue .22-calibre revolver. It is unknown how someone made entry into the house.

A neighbor told police he saw a stranger in the backyard of the burgled home. He confronted the young man, asking what he was doing. The suspect allegedly said he needed to use a phone. The neighbor offered his own phone. The suspect allegedly seemed hesitant about accepting the offer and pretended to dial a number before abruptly hanging up, claiming no one was answering. He then left.

The suspect is described as between 25 and 30 years old with medium-length black hair. He had tattoos on both arms and possibly his neck as well.

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