S.T.E.A.M. Education is our Focus at Fulton Science Academy



Fulton Science Academy Private School offers students of Georgia a real difference in education. The school focuses on S.T.E.A.M. education to meet the growing demand for higher level logic and reasoning skills necessary for future student success. Additionally, the school works to develop student presentation, writing, organization, and time-management abilities from the earliest grades. They offer advanced and gifted curricula taught for greater retention and achievement by a nationally award winning faculty. Also, unique to this school is that placement decisions are multi-faceted, weighted more on student ability and social maturity than their age.

Many factors contribute to FSA’s successful innovative educational model. The school limits class size to a maximum of 15 students for preschool through 5th grade and 20 students for 6th through 8th grades allowing for focused individualized student attention. The small and structured environment, along with uniforms, keeps students focused on their studies. Since there are little to no discipline issues, the faculty and administration can utilize their time to teach and continually seek ways to improve their educational model. Also, a key factor to its success is the partnership and communication that parents, teachers, and administration have developed to benefit its students. Through this partnership, an extended family has been created to nurture and provide every opportunity for its students to reach their greatest potential and their personal goals.

The school considers development of the whole student as important as academics. Physical education is a part of every school day to keep students healthy and active. For a creative outlet, students take part in art, music, robotics, and computer classes every week. Many other enrichment opportunities are offered including free after-school clubs, band, orchestra, and top performing academic teams to develop student social skills.

Fulton Science Academy has engineered a school of the future today.


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