STAR House to host Roswell’s first beer festival



ROSWELL, Ga. – STAR House is hoping to expand awareness of its programs to a larger audience.

“The community that is aware of STAR House has embraced it and supports it,” STAR House Executive Director Kim Walther said. “But there are still a lot of people who still associate STAR House with Mimosa and Frazier Street. We have grown well beyond that.”

To help hammer that point home, STAR House will host Roswell’s first beer festival.

To be held May 11 at Pastis on Canton Street, the beer festival hopes to raise awareness of STAR House and what it does on a daily basis for the pupils of Roswell by attracting a different crowd than might otherwise engage.

“We wanted to have an event everybody can attend. They don’t have to know STAR House,” Walther said. “We think it’ll be a good time with lots of people.”

The festival will be an all-day outdoor gathering in the heart of Historic Roswell with a juried craft brewing competition, live music and lots of food and drink for attendees. Walther said she expects up to 2,000 people to take part.

Visit for tickets and more information.

3/28/13 RN

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