"SAVOR" Your Vision!



Don’t you just love that word, “savor?” I do. It’s a textured and exciting word that can be applied to many things, in a variety of ways, whether you want to release weight, begin a new career, or find more peace and fulfillment in your life…or used to describe a flavorful food or life experience, and more.

Our mind is one of the most amazing gifts we have, if we learn to use it and access its incredible power and potential. Ongoing research continues to document the endless ways in which we can achieve desired goals and outcomes by learning some basic techniques, such as visualization.

I remember in August of 1995, when I decided to try one more time to release 100 unhealthy pounds, after a frustrating and sickening lifetime ride on the weight loss/gain roller coaster; I was committed to creating a very unique and different “weight release and adjustment” program/plan that would work for me. (I am not fond of the phrase “weight loss,” although I still use it when my favorite and uncommon words to talk about “weight loss” are not as easily understood.)

Recognizing that I was a woman who not only loved food, but derived much pleasure from the “act” of eating food…the oral, pleasurable experience for me was truly addictive, and had been a struggle for me to manage for most of my life. Closing in on 300lbs, I figured it was time for a new strategy and game plan…my own. All of the weight reduction programs always seemed to focus on the “diet” mentality, which for me, was based on deprivation, limitation, and fear. How could I feel good about me, when all I could think about was what I could not have, or do, or what I might do that would send me in a tailspin, crashing and burning once again.

Somehow, and honestly, I am not really sure when I had this awareness, (maybe it was my angels that were watching over me, knowing that I was headed down a very unhealthy and deadly path) but I began to focus my attention on what foods actually “tasted” good to me, and what things in my life (it was difficult to find any at that time) “felt” good to me. Slowly, I began to get “in touch” with my senses. I had graduated from massage school 4 years prior, and also had a degree and background in psychology but spent a lot of time disconnected and out of touch with myself and life. One awareness at a time, I decided to use my imagination, creativity and the tool of visualization to enliven my endeavor, and keep me focused on the weighty path I had chosen to walk differently, one more time.

Do you have a vision for your life? Is there something you have tried many times to achieve, but fall short of your dream and goal? Is something new and fresh “calling” you to take action, but you’re afraid to take that first step? You may want to consider the technique of “visualization” as an addition to your healthy and abundant lifestyle toolbox. Just like any new worthwhile and valuable tool, it may take a little practice, but is more than worth it…because you are worth it.

Abundant health, wholeness and well being are but a belief, thought and choice away. You are limited only by your imagination. Set it free and let it soar. Notice how much better your body feels; how much clearer and calm your mind is; how peaceful your heart feels; how grounded, balanced and connected you feel.

I invite you to create your own image, your picture of what you desire, and learn to SAVOR Your Vision. The dictionary defines “savor,” as ‘to delight in.’ Delight in every moment of your vision, as you bring it to life.



S – Sensory experience of your Vision in all of your senses.

What does your vision Taste like? Smell like? Sound like?

How does it feel when you Touch it? What do you See when you Look at it?

How does it Feel in your Body, in your Mind, in your Heart, in your Soul?

A – Appreciate your vision before it is realized. Allow yourself to enjoy it Now.

V – Vitalize your vision. Embellish it, enrich it, expand it as it emerges from within you.

O – Own it. Claim it and know that it is Your Vision, and it is only for You.

R - Revel in it. Celebrate and take pleasure in it. Know that you deserve it.

Hope you’re enjoying life’s bountiful buffet, and the opportunity to SAVOR Your Vision and Life, every day!

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