Runoff elections settled



JOHNS CREEK, Ga. – In a tumultuous year of political bloodletting on the City Council, it ended with neither a bang nor a whimper. Instead, it ended July 22 with a calm, clean runoff election among four candidates for the last two council seats.

The runoffs were won handily in the end by Steve Broadbent and Bob Gray for posts 6 and 4 respectively. A season of local politics that had burst on the usually quiet Johns Creek political scene the summer of 2013 ended quietly.

Conventional wisdom says turnouts in runoff elections are usually light And this was a special election called in July – just a couple weeks before school starts when many families are squeezing in that last vacation trip.

But that was not the case. Around 5,000 voters turned out for the runoff election, almost the same electorate that turned out in the November elections in 2013 when Mayor Mike Bodker and Mayor Pro Tem Bev Miller led the most hotly contested local elections since the city incorporated in 2006.

The runoff even drew 1,000 more voters than the special elections in May that had fielded nine candidates for the two open council seats left open by the resignations of Miller, to run for mayor, and Ivan Figueroa who was moving to south Georgia.

It was a quiet campaign also. On many of the issues, taxes for one, there was not much daylight between the candidates. It was a clean race without the rancor of last November.

Gray and Broadbent both boasted extensive business acumen and service to the community.


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