Rowse wins a buck



MILTON, Ga. – Young Daphne Rowse, of Milton-based D&D Equestrian, with her pony Macho Man, won the Capt. Herb Emory Foundation’s “Ride a Buck” class at Harry Norman’s Ticket to Ride Benefit Horse Show, July 19 and 20.

There were 37 competitors in this class, including riders of all ages and local professionals. Riders rode bareback and had to hold a $20 bill between their calf and horse while following a series of commands from the judge. Before Rowse was named the winner, riders had to gallop their horses and jump several obstacles. If their $20 bill fell to the ground, they were eliminated.

At only 9 years old, Rowse said the energy of the crowd and the spectators’ kind words and encouragement, helped her to keep going during the nearly 30-minute class.


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