Roswell's Chicken Man released, finds home ransacked

Weapons, ammo stolen



ROSWELL, GA. - Roswell's Chicken Man, Andrew Wordes, reported his Alpine Drive home burglarized Nov. 22 and a number of weapons stolen.

Wordes was in Roswell jail between Aug. 10 and Nov. 17. During that time, his home was broken into and stripped of valuables.

“My house was ransacked, destroyed,” Wordes said.

Drawers were opened and the entire house was searched, with many family heirlooms taken along with many other items, such as DVDs and CDs. Among the items missing are an unknown number of weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition, Wordes said. Also missing is a ledger containing logs of weapons he has bought and sold, including who he bought from.

Wordes is an active practitioner of gun rights. The weapons he knows were taken, are two AK-47s, a double-barreled shotgun, a .22 rifle and several pistols. There could be more missing.

“There are assault rifles out there and enough ammo to take down a police officer,” Wordes said.

He said friends managed to take several weapons and his all of his animals when he was sentenced to jail for city code violations.

Wordes spent three months of a one-year sentence in jail after failing to comply with the terms of his probation. He first came to city code enforcement officers’ attention as the “Chicken Man of Roswell,” fighting the city to raise a number of chickens and other animals on his property.

He places much of the blame for his woes on the city. First he was he sent to jail immediately after his probation revocation which denied him the time to get his affairs in order, he said. Wordes also claims the city agreed to post police officers at his home.

“The city did nothing,” he said. “Announcing to the public that someone's in jail for three months is irresponsible.”

Roswell Police Department Spokesman Lt. James McGee said the city patrolled Wordes' house just like with any other resident, however, Wordes is not cooperating with their investigation into the burglary.

“He's not wanting us to talk to people,” McGee said. “We're not short-changing him, and we're still going to do our investigation. But he's not cooperating with us.”

Wordes said the friends he allowed access to the house while he was in jail don't wish to be identified to Roswell officials.

“There are assault rifles and ammo in the hands of criminals,” Wordes said. “That's putting the city at risk.”

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