Roswell unveils plans for new Ga. 400 bridge

Proposed route of a new east-west connector joining Warsaw Road to Old Alabama Road in Roswell.



ROSWELL, Ga. – For those traveling across Ga. 400 on Holcomb Bridge Road, the traffic can be a headache. The city has known for some time that something needs to be done to alleviate the congestion that makes traveling east and west in the city difficult at certain times of day.

The solution may be a new bridge crossing the highway.

At a meeting Jan. 21, residents were given their first look at a proposed “Big Creek Parkway,” which would span from Warsaw Road in west Roswell across the highway and meet up with Old Alabama Road just north of the Kimberly Clark campus at the intersection with Holcomb Woods Parkway.

The project is complicated because of Big Creek and the wetlands surrounding it. This necessitates much of the parkway to be on a bridge that will be built. Given the scope of the parkway, the price tag is expected to be in the $40-$50 million range – with no set source for that money. It could take about eight years to build.

“We’re not expecting [construction] to start for at least a couple years,” said Robert Dell-Ross, with the Roswell Transportation Department. “It’s a long-term project, but it’s very beneficial and planning for it needs to start somewhere.”

The city hopes the funding will come from multiple sources, including the city, state and federal funding.

Dell-Ross said the project would be extensive.

Starting from the west, a roundabout would be built at Warsaw Road where it will intersect with Big Creek Parkway, just south of Mimosa Elementary School. From there, the road will move eastward until it hits the wetlands. It will turn into a bridge until it crosses Ga. 400. An access road will be added to Old Holcomb Bridge Road. Once across the highway, the road will meet up with Old Alabama at Holcomb Woods Parkway. Improvements will be made to Holcomb Woods to effectively connect the new road to Holcomb Bridge Road.

In addition to the two-lane road, there will be bike paths and sidewalks, allowing more than just cars to use the street.

An estimated 14,000 vehicles per day would be able to use the new road, Dell-Ross said.

On the west side of Ga. 400, the city anticipates the project calling for the demolition of several apartment buildings.

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