Roswell teenager Casadarius AnderSon-Clausell aims at 2016 Olympics in kickboxing

Cass AnderSon-Clausell state champ in age group



ROSWELL, Ga. – Roswell teenager Casadarius AnderSon-Clausell, 13, claimed the American Open Martial Arts state championship for Open and Creative Katas and Point-Style Sparring in March and was named the AOMA national champion for Open and Creative Katas and Point-Style Sparring in August.

An identical twin, his mother Karteshia Kay AnderSon said he got started down the tae kwon do path when his brother wanted to learn ballet.

“His twin brother Marsalis was watching ballet on TV and told me he wanted to do that,” AnderSon said.

“Then, Cass said he wanted to learn something too.”

AnderSon-Clausell said he wanted to be like a Power Ranger, and after looking into several dojos, his mother chose the M&H ThunderKickboxing dojo operated by Shinan Eddie Monger and Sensei Brenda Harrison.

“Now, Cass is absolutely absorbed in kickboxing,” his mother said.

The 13-year-old has been training at M&H ThunderKickboxing since 2007. He is currently ranked as a second degree green belt and is preparing for testing to become a third degree green belt.

In preparation for his testing, Monger has him on a curriculum of self discipline, self control, self defense techniques, traditional katas and verbal/written explanation of katas and every movement that is taught.

“He absolutely loves it. To see a child at this age grab his uniform the first thing in the morning is really something,” AnderSon said.

AnderSon-Clausell’s goal is to compete in the 2016 and 2020 Olympics in kickboxing.

He also dances in the Metropolitan Ballet’s “The Nutcracker” every year with his brother.

“I want the boys to know what the other one is doing. So Cass dances in ‘The Nutcracker,’ and each summer, Marsalis does kickboxing,” AnderSon said. “Marsalis loves dance as much as his brother loves kickboxing.”

AnderSon-Clausell, an eighth-grader at Amana Academy, a Fulton County charter school in Alpharetta, plans to attend Blessed Trinity High School in Roswell. He keeps an A/B average at school.

He is also an active member in the youth group and youth choir of St. David’s Church, and is a second class Scout with St. David Church’s Boy Scout Troop 430.

During “Nutcracker” season, he performs three character pieces with Metropolitan Ballet Theatre of Alpharetta. AnderSon-Clausell’s second and third languages are Japanese and Arabic.

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