Roswell says no to Nesbit Ferry repair/swap

Red light issue remains in limbo



JOHNS CREEK, Ga. – The Roswell City Council has declined a proposal from the Johns Creek City Council to repave Nesbit Ferry Road and pay half the costs of a traffic light at Brumbelow Road at Nesbit Ferry. Roswell also declined the offer to turn over control and maintenance of Nesbit Ferry to Johns Creek after repaving.

This puts Johns Creek back to square one in getting Roswell to help pay the cost of a traffic signal at Brumbelow.

Originally, sharing the costs of the traffic signal was all the City Council wanted. Roswell had rebuffed those requests, saying it has many intersections with traffic warrants for a traffic signal. Brumbelow is a low priority since the complaints come from Johns Creek residents and not from Roswell citizens.

“We have a lot of intersection improvements we would like to make, but there isn’t enough money to do them all,” said Roswell Mayor Jere Wood at the time.

Mayor Mike Bodker and Councilman Ivan Figueroa then met with Wood and Roswell Councilwoman Betty Price to negotiate a solution.

In the long run, Johns Creek Council decided to offer to take over control and maintenance of Nesbit Ferry Road, but first the road’s need for repaving – a $500,000 job – would have to be done by Roswell. And Roswell would still have to pay for half the traffic signal costs, about $200,000.

Johns Creek proposed taking control of the entire road so that in the future, it would not have to negotiate with Roswell should issues arise.

Unfortunately, Roswell declined for much the same reasons.

Roswell Councilman Jerry Orlans said his city is going to repave the road soon, but it too has subdivisions that rely on Nesbit Ferry Road, so his council decided that it would be in their best interests to maintain ownership.

“Once we repave Nesbit Ferry, we don’t anticipate much expense in maintaining it. And we have some concerns for our residents over there. We also would like to extend our trail system over there and we don’t want to have to negotiate with Johns Creek for the ability to do things along Nesbit Ferry,” Orlans said.

Johns Creek City Councilman Brad Raffensperger said the council will have to discuss what options to take up at a planning session soon.

Johns Creek Council liked the idea of acquiring the road because of its potential to turn Nesbit Ferry at Holcomb Bridge Road into a gateway to the city and the Newtown area.

Meanwhile, the situation has returned to the status quo.

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