Roswell residents propose TV show to inspire women

Based on N.Y. tech-women’s lives



NEW YORK – Roswell resident Alexandra Tregre has been hard at work over the past few years.

Her latest project involves a TV show that profiles the life of five female entrepreneurs in New York’s technological industry called “Alley Girls.”

The cast of five will include the CEO of an early-stage tech startup; the co-founder and CTO of a successful online retailer; a computer scientist who is the only female engineer at a growing company; the newcomer, just out of school, working odd jobs and hacking at night, trying to get her idea off the ground; and the tech blogger, a true go-getter with an eccentric personality who won’t take no for an answer. The episodes will focus on material drawn from the experiences and day-to-day lives of actual female entrepreneurs and women in business - today’s pioneers of the modern women’s movement.

When asked about her inspiration for the creation of “Alley Girls” Tregre said she had a lot of help from her co-worker.

“It was another co-creator of mine, Teresa Bigelow, a friend of mine at San Diego State University,” said Tregre. “She had the idea for the show because she knows a lot of women in the start-up tech business in New York.”

Thus, Alley Girls was born. The name is a play on words from the nickname given to the New York technological industry Silicone Alley.

Silicone Alley was the breeding ground for what became the proposed show Alley Girls.

“What became a business idea turned into a full-on proposed TV show when Teresa wanted to get a video component involved,” said Tregre. “Once we got in touch with the producers we launched the proposal for the series, but we have a long way to go.”

To create Alley Girls, Tregre and her co-creators have started a Kickstarter. They needs $90,000 by July 27 in order for the dreams of Bigelow and Tregre to come true.

If the goal is reached, the plan for Alley Girls is to stay interactive with viewers and potentially bring it to international markets.

“We want our show to be very interactive, by bringing in traffic to the website and keeping the format of the show online,” Tregre said. “Our main goal of Alley Girls is to reach out to girls in high school and early college years and show them that their goals are attainable.”

Alexandra Tregre has been inspired to help women succeed in the work force her whole life.

“I was a journalism and women studies double major in college and I am also working as an ice skating instructor in New York,” said Tregre. “I have always been a promoter of gender equality and women’s empowerment and since I have been working with young women I have seen them get influenced by the media. I hope Alley Girls influences women positively everywhere.”

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This article was published in the July 25 issue of the Revue and News

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