Roswell mom creates multipurpose baby cover

‘PunkinWrap’ allows for easier mobility



ROSWELL, Ga. – Laura Gravett, mother of two daughters in Roswell, recently developed a multifunctional baby wrap that she calls the “PunkinWrap.”

The idea came to Gravett while vacationing in Chicago with her 4-month-old daughter, Brynn, and her husband. Gravett said they were enjoying a riverboat ride when she realized Brynn’s limbs were becoming overheated.

“All I had with me was the nursing cover, so I used that to cover her limbs,” Gravett said. “It was perfect because it allowed air to flow underneath her so that she wouldn’t get too hot.”

She added that it then occurred to her that she could take the nursing cover and actually remove the strap and leave the cover on the baby.

Gravett said she hit the drawing board as soon as she got home and got to work bringing her newly found idea to fruition. She said her main goal was to be able to put one piece in a diaper bag to avoid carrying around six different components.

“It allows you to carry a diaper bag that doesn’t weigh 20 pounds because it serves many different functions – it can be used as a nursing cover, a car seat cover, a front carrier cover, a stroller blanket and works as a sunshade,” Gravett said.

Gravett added that she made a point to make her product extremely mobile. She said it can be clipped onto anything and that she has yet to come across a brand with which the PunkinWrap wouldn’t function.

There are currently three fabrics available on the website, and Gravett said she hopes to expand the line and offer six to eight fabrics each season. She eventually wants to offer a cool weather and a warm weather version of the PunkinWrap, as well as a waterproof version.

Additionally, Gravett said the PunkinWrap can be a great gift idea.

“It can be given to someone even when you’re not sure if they’re going to be nursing because it serves the function of nursing, but also does so many other things,” she said.

The PunkinWrap can be purchased in the Atlanta area at New Baby Products, 2200 Cheshire Bridge Road, or the Ant Farm located at 408 S. Atlanta St. in Roswell. The product can also be purchased at All shipping is free.

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