Roswell mapmaker’s birds-eye view of Historic Savannah



ROSWELL, Ga. — In Savannah, a city where a historic building, monument or other point of interest beckons around every corner, a map is essential for visitors. Roswell resident Michael Karpovage, owner of Karpovage Creative Inc., has just released the Savannah Historic District Illustrated Map, providing a unique three-dimensional perspective of the Hostess City. This panoramic map features architectural details, hidden gems, easy-to-read labels and informative nuggets, all in richly hued color palette.

“I simply love making beautiful, functional, birds-eye-view landmark maps, and Savannah’s Historic District deserved to be depicted in this classic art form,” said Karpovage. “I have visited the city many times and saw that the current crop of maps were woefully ineffective in telling the city’s story in pictures and words, let alone get you from point A to point B. I wanted to create something that would be suitable for navigating as well as framing on your wall.”

Karpovage’s Americana-style illustrated map is as comprehensive as a guidebook, loaded with history facts, ghost stories and pictorial depictions of Savannah’s most popular attractions — including the entire length of River Street. From the Trustees Garden founded in 1733 to Forrest Gump’s bench to the famous Bird Girl statue made famous from the book “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil,” all of Savannah’s glorious history finds itself on one page. On the back of the map, visitors will find dining options, lodging, museums, shopping and tours with easy-to-find map grid locations. Included is information on free public transportation along with docking regulations.

Three years of research and detail went into the Savannah Historic District Illustrated Map. Karpovage said he hopes it will enhance visitors’ experience of Savannah.

Karpovage is a native of western New York and a graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology. He has worked in the graphic design and marketing field for over 20 years as an art director and map illustrator. He is the owner of Karpovage Creative Inc., an independent publishing and design firm in Roswell.

Karpovage sells the map direct from his website at In Savannah, the map is for sale at select retail stores throughout the historic district. It’s also available online at

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