Roswell incumbents keep seats

All challengers defeated



ROSWELL, Ga. – All three Roswell City Council incumbents kept their seats Nov. 5, albeit by narrow margins. Of the three council races contested, all were decided with less than 10 percent of a difference in votes.

Voter turnout was low – only 10.9 percent of registered voters cast ballots. That comes to 5,249 voters out of a possible 49,582.

Hardly a landslide victory, the incumbents won with margins of 10 percentage points or less. With the low voter turnout, those 10 points equate to roughly a few hundred votes.

The race had divided early into those who support the city’s move to adopting the Unified Development Code (UDC) and those who do not. Whether the city should elect or appoint a judge also became an issue.

Eric Schumacher and Kendra Myers Cox, both newcomers to Roswell’s political arena, ran largely against the UDC and the perceived density and changes it would bring.

The outlier is Kent Igleheart, who has spent his time on council cautioning against moving too quickly on the UDC, given the number of changes it will bring. His opponent, Harvey Smith, joined with Jerry Orlans and Nancy Diamond in supporting the UDC, but it wasn’t enough to win.

While Orlans was coy on whether the UDC played a major point in the results, he said the low voter turnout can be interpreted as residents being happy overall with the way the city is being run.

“It’s hard to interpret,” he said.

With just 52 percent of the vote, Igleheart had a narrow victory.

Roswell election breakdown

Total vote: 5,429, or 10.9 percent of the electorate

Candidate Votes Percentage

Mayor Jere Wood 4,498 91.11 %

Post 4

Kent Igleheart 2,773 52.55 %

Harvey Smith 2,499 47.36 %

Post 5

Jerry Orlans 2,894 54.4 %

Eric Schumacher 2,418 45.45 %

Post 6

Kendra Myers Cox 2,393 44.82 %

Nancy Diamond 2,940 55.07 %

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