Roswell errs allowing anyone to ‘open shop’



We have lived in west Roswell for close to a decade. A couple of things that drew us to and have kept us here is the beauty of the area and the thoughtfulness of the zoning/retail experience.

Most of the retail offerings were appropriate for a community where the average home costs around $250K+, the shopping centers were not inundated by traffic and the facades were very tasteful.

However, three of the more recent retail offerings and an approval on Canton Street have caught our attention. The first approval was the Aldi at Crossville/Mansell Rd.

Is Roswell a community that needs/wants low-end discount grocers at this location? Second is the new “super” convenience store at the same intersection. Do we need another convenience store and the traffic that goes with it?

Thirdly, a McDonald’s is going to be “squeezed” into the Kohl’s shopping center on Highway 92. What is next – “squeezing” a Walmart into the vacated Tilted Kilt location?

We absolutely champion and encourage all types of business and growth, but we also think it should be appropriate to the community. You would be hard pressed to find anyone in Roswell who thinks these “additions” increase Roswell’s desirability, improve traffic or increase home values.

Finally, the crown jewel of Roswell and a wonderful example of what a small downtown should look like is Canton Street. So, what happened with the new restaurant in the old Pastis location? We think most of us who frequent and appreciate downtown Roswell very much like the classic, tasteful and understated decor of each and every building.

Now we have a classic, tasteful, and understated Canton Street with one building where the exterior looks like someone went crazy with fluorescent red spray paint.

Talk about a sore thumb. We wish nothing but the best for this business, by the way.

The point of this letter is that in recent months, it appears, to our eyes that the Roswell zoning board has decided that anyone and anybody can “open up shop.”

We are pretty sure that this is not what Roswell has been built upon or wants to look like going forward.

Herb Zimmerman


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