Roswell bond a good thing



I have read several editorials and a recent article about the Roswell bond proposal, and there appears to be concerted effort to attack the projects that it would fund without regards to the long-term consequences. For example, a couple of editorials have attacked the artificial turf projects saying it causes more injuries yet they provided no credible facts to support their case; only bare statements and vague references to some identified study. The fact is artificial turf would reduce taxpayer costs such as water use and having to re-sod after each season. As to Mr. Fleck’s concerns, they are simply appeals to the anti-tax crowd that pervades North Fulton by calling these projects “wants and not needs.” Mr. Fleck must not drive on Holcomb Bridge Road very much. I do, and I know that changes to the HBR/400 intersection is not a “want” but a serious need. The fire station is also a need that should not wait on a budget session where you have to rob Peter to pay Paul. And how is this a “stealth tax increase” if it replaces an existing bond? Simply, there isn’t one. Just another scare tactic to get the bond defeated. I didn’t vote for TSPLOST and was glad to see it defeated because it was a regressive sales tax increase. However, I voted for the Roswell bond. There are two kinds of borrowing; bad borrowing like title and payday loans and good borrowing where you make improvements. This is good borrowing. I encourage all Roswell residents to vote YES on the bond.

Curt Rapp


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