Roswell United Methodist Church job fair stays strong

Hundreds finding work through church



ROSWELL, Ga. – Offering a form of speed dating for work, the Roswell United Methodist Church has turned job seeking into an art form March 25.

The church holds its job fairs every month and routinely sees more than two dozen employers and hundreds of potential workers turn out hoping to connect.

Katherine Simons, a volunteer for the RUMC, said the 2-year-old program has been a success.

“We've had terrific responses,” Simons said. “We have so much interest, this is your neighbor. We have the talent here locally so it only makes sense.”

She said between 300 and 500 jobs are offered by the employers, but the entire job fair lasts only an hour and a half.

This is where the “speed dating” aspect comes into play.

Employers will sign up ahead of time and announce what jobs they are hiring for. With only an hour and a half to take part, potential employees must decide which jobs best fit them. This method forces employees to the jobs they feel they will most likely find success and, for employers, it cuts down on the amount of applications they receive that may be unsuitable.

“It forces everybody to think through what they are qualified for,” Simons said. “You will only see at most four or five employers.”

The RUMC job fair received some publicity March 17 when they were featured on the Clark Howard Show.

“Our telephone was ringing off the hook,” Simons said. “We were rated No. 1 in household viewers with 338,000 viewers.”

Also included in the job fair is a casting call for aspiring actors.

“The movie business has moved to Georgia,” Simons said. “Last week, 250 people showed up and each one of them got an offer.”

The next RUMC job fair will be April 22.

For upcoming events and schedules, visit the RUMC online at

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