Roswell Residents ask for more pedestrian-friendly areas



ROSWELL, Ga. – Roswell residents asked for more bike lanes and pathways for pedestrians at a transportation meeting held at Roswell City Hall on Wednesday, Oct. 16.

Officials at the meeting included transportation liaison and Roswell Councilmember Betty Price, state Sen. Brandon Beach and Rural and Human Services Transportation Committee Chairman Al Nash.

“We need innovative ideas and to maximize our dollars,” Nash said. “Walking and bike trails are a lot of what people are wanting, and as a community, we have to make that happen so that people want to keep coming to our area.”

Nash added that many young people use bikes as a means of getting to their job, so implementing more bike paths could be very beneficial.

Many residents said Canton Street in Roswell was too crowded for pedestrians and bikers. One resident mentioned that in order to retain and attract more people to the area, the city needed to become a more pedestrian friendly community.

Other topics included the transportation master plan, managed lanes, the use of roundabouts, MARTA, railroad lines and future projects.

Price said that there are 18 potential areas in the city that have been identified as sites for roundabouts.

“I want to applaud the use of roundabouts,” said Roswell resident Mike Lowry. “They work very well and there’s always continuous flow through.”

As for the transit system, Beach said it was too confusing. He added that the system needs to be simplified, because if residents have trouble understanding it, then out-of-towners certainly won’t be able to.

One resident inquired about truck traffic on Ga. 400. Nash said the state is working on ramping and truck-only areas to remove some of the traffic from the highway.

For future plans, Price said the development of a Big Creek bridge will hopefully alleviate some traffic on Holcomb Bridge.

Additionally, the Sun Valley Extension project will provide a connection between Warsaw Road and Old Ellis Road. The idea is to relieve congestion at Mansell Road and Alpharetta Highway.

“We have a lot of ideas on the shelf, but we need to start implementing them,” Price said. “We’re working on a lot of things and we just need to advocate –we can’t neglect what has to be done.”

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