Roswell High needs traffic light



As increasingly large numbers of younger teenagers seem to be getting their license at the ripe age of 15, it creates a concern for the safety of drivers as well as pedestrians near the Roswell High School. Therefore, it may be beneficial to install a traffic light in front of the high school on King Road. By doing so, it would ensure the safety of the drivers and students alike, while also easing the flow of traffic on King Road between the hours of 3 and 4 p.m. Installation of a traffic light could result in a 50 percent reduction in injuries, and fewer car accidents. Along with a traffic light, a pedestrian light displaying crossing times for pedestrians would avoid the confusion that may arise with the cross guard. This would provide for the orderly movement of conflicting flows, especially between the Roswell High School parking lot and the Publix parking lot where many students park on a daily basis. Although there have not been recorded accidents near the high school, it is always good to take some preventive action to avoid situations like those. By having a traffic light in front of the high school, it not only eases traffic flow but makes it safer for new drivers and pedestrians as well.


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