Roswell Beer Fest draws hundreds

Event hopes to be yearly



ROSWELL, Ga. – Atlanta has its share of beer festivals, but Roswell is edging in on that monopoly. The first Roswell Beer Festival was held May 11 to support STAR House.

With about 500 attendees, the event was held at the parking lot of Canton Street’s Pastis restaurant on an overcast day. With 49 beers and plenty of live music, volunteers hauled in 8,000 pounds of ice, live music was offered by Cameron Morrison Kane and the Bruce Jones Band and fresh paninis were served from food truck “Pressed for Time.”

“For the first year, this is fantastic,” said Jeff Bridges, who helped organize the event. “In 10 years, this is going to be a pretty hard core thing.”

Continuing the beer theme was Happy Hour Confections, which makes baked goods using beer, selling cupcakes to the crowd.

“This is great for us,” said Sophey Gallion, with the Roswell-based company. “We’re doing really well.”

“We had so much positive feedback that Roswell needed this type of event and people making sure we we’re doing it next year, that we have set ourselves up for hosting it for year to year,” said STAR House Executive Director Kim Walther.

She said next year will be bigger and better, with the possible addition of more vendors and a home brew contest.

“I think it is something that will explode next year,” she said.

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