Road work on Brumbelow/Nesbit starts this week



JOHNS CREEK, Ga. – Johns Creek contractors are set to begin installing intersection improvements – including a traffic signal – at the intersection of Brumbelow and Nesbit Ferry roads this week. The signal is expected to be functional by September.

Residents in the area – which borders the cities of Johns Creek and Roswell – have long sought a traffic signal at the busy intersection as they tried to turn from Brumbelow onto Nesbit Ferry Road.

“We are very pleased and excited to have this project underway,” said Johns Creek Mayor Mike Bodker. “It will provide a much-needed measure of safety. This shows what can be accomplished when two cities work together for the greater good of both communities.”

Johns Creek agreed to pay the cost of the project because most of the drivers trying to turn from Brumbelow onto Nesbit Ferry are its residents.

Roswell will control the signal, situated within its jurisdiction. The timing of the signal will be coordinated by the Public Works departments of both cities.

Once installed, the signal will flash yellow for three to seven days before becoming fully operational.

Johns Creek staff is also adding turn lanes on both directions of Nesbit Ferry at the intersection, and widening Brumbelow to add left and right turn lanes.

For pedestrians, a new 5-foot-wide sidewalk will run from the intersection south on Nesbit Ferry Road to a driveway about 300 feet away. Another sidewalk will run from the intersection east on Brumbelow Road to an existing sidewalk.

JC 05-15-14

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