Rise of economy leads to rise of pet adoptions

June ‘Adopt a Cat’ month



ALPHARETTA, Ga. — If you’re looking for a furry creature to call your own, now is the time to adopt an animal from a shelter. Summer is the most popular time for pet adoption, but it is the most critical time for cat adoption.

Most kittens are born in the spring, causing overpopulation during the summer months. This excess of kittens has made June National Adopt a Cat Month.

LuAnn Farrell is the co-founder of a local animal rescue group, Angels Among Us. Farrell is the dog rescue coordinator for Angels, but she understands that cats are in desperate need of adoption.

“June happens to be a big month for a lot of kittens being born when the weather gets warm,” said Farrell. “There are so many litters, and if people would spay and neuter their pets, then we wouldn’t have a problem.”

Overpopulation is not the only problem stray animals face. When the economy started getting worse, many people couldn’t afford to take care of their pets.

“A lot of the dogs we got were from people losing their homes because of the economy,” said Farrell. “We would get a lot of calls from people that had nowhere else to go to take them.”

These owners may seem cruel, but when they were desperate, they took the most humane path available.

“When you have an owner surrender [their pet] and you take it to a shelter,” said Farrell, “a lot of times they’re automatically put to sleep because they don’t have the room and they know no one is coming for them.”

Recently the news has been good, with the economy slowly coming back from its downfall causing the adoption of strays to pick up.

“There’s so many dogs that go by every day that were somebody’s pet and they need a home,” said Farrell.

Visit angelsrescue.org for more information about Angels Among Us.

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