Riley receives ‘Champion of Georgia Cities’ award



ATLANTA – State Rep. Lynne Riley, R-Johns Creek, has received a 2014 “Champion of Georgia’s Cities” award from the Georgia Municipal Association (GMA). She was not able to attend the GMA annual meeting, so representatives from GMA paid a visit to the Aug. 18 Johns Creek City Council meeting to present the award to Riley.

The award is presented at the end of a state legislator’s two-year term for his or her activity and support of major GMA initiatives.

Riley was honored for her sponsorship and stewardship of House Bill 71, which improves the security of the investments made by the Georgia Municipal Employees Benefits System Board on behalf of pension programs in cities across Georgia.

“I was very pleased to get the award. GMA doesn’t hand those out like candy, and I was extremely happy to help them so that the retirement investment recipients will be pleased that their investment portfolios will produce well and provide for their healthy retirement,” Riley said.

One direct result of her efforts to get H.B. 71 through the Legislature is that the employees’ investment returns in 2013 were among the top 1 percent of all public pension systems nationwide.

In addition, Riley was also recognized for her overall cooperation and willingness to discuss municipal concerns with GMA throughout the session.

“We greatly appreciate Rep. Riley’s strong support for city government and her willingness to always listen to our issues and concerns,” said GMA Executive Director Lamar Norton. “Due to her strong leadership, the citizens of all of Georgia’s cities will benefit.”

Based in Atlanta, GMA is a voluntary, nonprofit organization that provides legislative advocacy, educational, employee benefit and consulting services to its 521 member cities.


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