Richardson, Davenport in Dec. 3 runoff for Post 3

Cori Davenport supports city center, citizen input



What defines you as the top contender for this council seat?

DAVENPORT: I believe in conservative principles of limited government, smart growth initiatives and personal and fiscal responsibility.

Our city has suffered in many ways because of personality politics, and we need to restore our faith and respect in local government and in our leaders. I want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

I will hold all levels of our government accountable to the people, not the politicians.

I recognize the need for our city to be more business friendly. My husband and I began our business in the basement of our home while raising our family.

From this experience, I have a great understanding of how to create and sustain a successful business from the ground up. Good judgment, sound business practices and personal integrity are the skills I will bring to the City Council.

I have made this area my home for over 16 years, developed strong relationships within the community and became actively involved with my children in the public school system.

My desire to run for public service originated when my efforts to open a new business in Johns Creek were met with limitations so great it discouraged us from opening within the city limits.

I decided there had to be a better way. Our city needs to have a balance of responsible zoning ordinances while encouraging new business.

I will work to streamline our processes to make it more attractive for businesses to locate in Johns Creek so that we create jobs, lessen the tax burden on our residents and stimulate our local economy.

Protecting our high standards and quality of life will be a top priority. I am proud to call Johns Creek my home, and I will work to preserve its character and its strong foundation.

If you accomplish only one thing in the next four-year term, what would you want that to be?

DAVENPORT: My goal would be to work with councilmembers to establish long-range plans for a new city center.

A city center would become a hub of vibrant activity with first class restaurants, locally owned small businesses and services, art galleries and entertainment; a gathering place for families and children of all ages.

With a united and enlightened City Council, we could accomplish great things that we will be proud to leave as our legacy.

What do you see as the city’s most under-used asset(s)?

DAVENPORT: Our citizens. I believe in engaging more of our citizens so that we create an environment where ideas are shared and not held to a limited few. My goal is to have our citizens become an active part of our city’s success.

On Nov. 5, over 70 percent of voters spoke loudly for positive change and to restore confidence in our City Council. I ask for your vote once again in this important runoff election Dec. 3. I promise to represent you well.

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