Residents give back in ‘Day of Service’



ALPHARETTA Ga. – Nothing builds community spirit more than when neighbors come together to put some “sweat equity” back into that community. That is what hundreds of residents were doing all over North Fulton Saturday, May 3.

Ed Isakson/Alpharetta YMCA Executive Director Scott Doll had 25 volunteers out replacing mulch, cleaning up Alpharetta Greenway trails and building picnic tables on Saturday morning.

“We’re getting ready for our Summer Day Camp programming. These volunteers are a big help to us today,” Doll said. “But the National Day of Service is so much more than just what gets accomplished on the physical side.

“The opportunity to serve really helps the individual spiritually just as much,” he said. “Ultimately, the entire experience is about family. That is why I am so glad to see Alpharetta embrace it.”

Hundreds of volunteers in Alpharetta joined hundreds more in North Fulton and thousands throughout the country to participate in the National Day of Service.

Day of Service opportunities

The following is a partial list of community projects done as the National Day of Service:

Ed Isakson/Alpharetta YMCA

The Drake House

Lion Heart School

Foster Care Support

North Metro Miracle League

Northwestern Middle School

Alpharetta High School


Community Garden Fence

North Fulton Senior Services

Dog Park Fence

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