Renovation beyond businesses: Stroup home reimagined

New uses for old homes in Roswell



ROSWELL, Ga. — A ribbon cutting for the opening of a new house seems odd. Those events usually go with the opening of a new business. However, it shows an important new development in Roswell’s economy.

Members of the Roswell Business Alliance, Metropolitan Design and Harry Norman, Realtors, turned out July 19 to see how a once-dated home on fashionable Stroup Road was completely renovated into what is effectively a new home.

About 6,500 square feet with eight bedrooms and eight bathrooms on two acres, the home at 11155 Stroup Road has completely changed in look and feel, from a rustic cabin feel to a modern home.

Builder Jason Yowell, of Metropolitan Design and Construction, called the house “virtually new.”

“The layout is completely renovated,” he said. “The house was sited beautifully on the lot and had a lot of potential to be a fantastic house if it was reimagined.”

He added that renovating was also a greener option than tearing it down and starting anew.

With Roswell almost completely built out, there are few sites remaining for new home construction. Similar to aging businesses and strip malls, renovation is becoming a common term among builders in Roswell.

“Roswell is a hot market,” Yowell said. “There is a shortage of supply and people are discovering this is a great place to live. It’s becoming a very chic place.”

For members of the Roswell Business Alliance, redevelopment is key to their mission.

“As we create a real estate attraction, we’re trying to focus on homebuilders being the success to Roswell’s development,’ said Steve Stroud, executive director of the RBA. “This is another sign of redevelopment.”

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