Reindeer visit Cogburn Woods Elementary



MILTON, Ga. – Students at Cogburn Woods Elementary school in Milton were treated to an exciting holiday surprise on their last day of school before the winter break, Wednesday, Dec. 19. As the kids dreamily gazed out of their classroom windows, what to their wondering eyes did appear, but Principal Bruce Fraser leading two live reindeer.

Fraser, who loves a good surprise, arranged for the reindeer (actually caribou) to visit the school, unbeknownst even to the teachers who joined their students in gaping out of the windows as Fraser led the antlered animals around the perimeter of the school and through the courtyard.

The Cogburn Woods PTA partners with Fraser each year to create a bit of winter magic for the students.

Kim Plaziak, PTA co-president, said last year’s surprise was a bit more labor intensive. Fraser and a few parents took a truck to the Cooler Ice Rink in Alpharetta to pick up any extra ice shavings left behind after the Zamboni machine levels the rinks. The “snow” was then shoveled around the entrances to the Cogburn Woods cafeteria to create a wintry scene.

Fraser says educators have the power to create lifelong positive memories for children.

“When we have an opportunity to put a smile on a child’s face and fill their heart with joy, we have an obligation to do so, as they will work harder and be better for it,” he said.

Plaziak said this year’s reindeer visit was a big hit.

“It was so fun to see the excitement in the eyes of the students. It was a wonderful way to start their last day of school before winter break,” she said.

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