Red light scammers posing as cops



NORTH FULTON, Ga. – Scammers are calling North Fulton residents and pretending to be police officers.

According to police, a number of North Fulton residents have received telephone calls by people identifying themselves as Alpharetta Police Department officers.

The call recipient is advised to send monies to pay for a red light camera citation, or they will be charged with contempt of court. The caller often uses the name of a valid Alpharetta police officer.

At no time will an Alpharetta police officer or any other public safety employee contact a person by telephone requesting money, said Alpharetta Public Safety Spokesman George Gordon. Also, no Alpharetta officer would physically go to a residence or meet with any person in an effort to collect money.

“The first warning sign is that we would never ask for money,” said Gordon. “Generally, these people ask for money to be wired or sent over the phone. They want to get their hands on it pretty quickly.”

Official red light camera citations have an Alpharetta police officer who verifies the recorded infraction. Only then will the company vendor that operates the system make initial contact with the person involved in the infraction. Typically, these letters come through the mail.

Alpharetta is asking those individuals who are contacted using this scam to call their local law enforcement agency and to file an incident report. Please retain the telephone called from and any other information that may be useful to legitimate law enforcement officials.

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