Readers respond to MARTA expansion



It just goes to show that a local issue will always trump a regional or national issue in terms of reader response. An article I wrote on the effects of Obamacare on businesses received only a smattering of responses. Instead, one that was treated to a healthy debate was on the proposed MARTA expansion in North Fulton. Below are some of the best responses.


Sept. 17, 2013

I think a lot of Alpharettans would support a rail system. Alpharetta is becoming more than just a suburb; it is also a hub for jobs, especially high tech jobs. To attract the young techy employees who like to work in these fields, you would have to have public transportation.



Rail support

Sept. 19, 2013

I think rail up to Windward would be a very good idea. It would help decrease traffic along Ga. 400. You have to keep in mind that this is just the planning stages. It probably would be 10 years before reality considering how slow projects of this size move.

Jack M.,


Another supporter

Sept. 19, 2013

We, too, support in concept rail service in our area. Many good points were raised about funding and locations during the meeting. What was distressing was to hear the council reps dismiss the whole idea with comments like, “I can’t think of a single person in Alpharetta who favors the idea of rail here.” This demonstrates the narrow range of citizens that they communicate with –and not just on MARTA issues. Those not in favor of something are generally the first to speak out. We need open minded dialogue on this issue from all parties involved. And we need more of our citizens to attend council meetings to let their voices be heard.

Dianna S.,


Yeah right

Sept. 27, 2013

If you think my neighbors who live in Alpharetta and Milton are excited about public transportation expansion, you have lost your mind.

Fulton County can’t even deliver a water bill to my house every month. Why would I trust them to better my non-government dependent life? It’s not my responsibility to get you to your job, make it easy for you to get to the airport or travel inside the perimeter. Look at the P/L statements of N.Y., Chicago and D.C. The transportation is their biggest single expense.



‘Alpharetta residents have no interest in heavy rail’

Oct. 1, 2013

Interesting... are they the ones that sit on Ga. 400 every single morning and evening... wasting gas, time and money... not being able to get any work done because they have to watch the road so they don’t get into an accident? Really? I live in Alpharetta and would gladly welcome heavy rail. This should have been completed years ago.



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