Raccoon confirmed as rabid in north Forsyth County



FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — A raccoon that bit a man in north Forsyth County on Aug. 30 has been confirmed as having rabies, making this the second confirmed case of rabies in the county this summer.

Forsyth County Sheriff’s Lt. David Waters of the special services unit said a 72-year-old man was bitten by the raccoon in the morning as he was entering his barn to get food for his animals.

“The raccoon gave no signs of aggression or being rabid when the man saw him. It just attacked him immediately when he came into the barn,” Waters said.

The man was bitten on the finger.

Waters said the man’s residence is located off of Hopewell Road in northwest Forsyth County.

The Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office animal control unit captured the raccoon. It was then taken to the veterinary clinic of Dr. John McGruder in Cumming. Results from the rabies test came back positive for rabies.

The victim began treatment for rabies as a precaution before test results were known, Waters said.

“We are urging our citizens to keep a close eye on any wildlife they may come in contact with,” Waters said. “Also, for the safety of anyone’s dogs, cats and other animals, please be aware that rabid animals have been confirmed in Forsyth County.”

Rabid animals have been confirmed in Hall and Dawson counties this summer. The first case of rabies this year in Forsyth County was reported on June 4 in northeast Forsyth County, off of Waldrip Road. A rabid fox bit a dog and then bit a 45-year-old man.

“Persons in the northern part of the county need to remain very cautious if they come in contact with any animal that may be acting aggressive as well as any wildlife that may not flee from humans,” Waters said.

Pet owners are urged to keep their pets’ vaccinations up-to-date.

To report suspicious acting animals to the animal control unit, call 770-781-2138 or dial 911.

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