Rabid fox killed in north Forsyth County



FORSYTH COUNTY, Ga. — A citizen of The Hampton’s subdivision has notified the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office that the fox Animal Control Unit had been searching for was killed.

The citizen notified the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office today that on Tuesday afternoon the fox had attempted to attack his dogs and he killed the fox.

Not knowing that an alert had been issued regarding the fox possibly being rabid, the citizen disposed of the fox before it could be recovered by the Sheriff’s Office.

This was the same day that the fox had attacked a grounds worker and had bitten two dogs. “Because the fox was disposed of before we were ever notified, it was not tested to see why it was acting aggressive,” said Lt. David Waters of the Special Services Section.

“We are still warning people to contact us immediately if they observe or come in contact with any wildlife that may be acting aggressive or does not flee from humans,” added Lt. Waters.

On Tuesday of this week, a grounds maintenance worker at The Hampton’s subdivision was attacked, but not bitten by a fox.

Within a couple of hours, two dogs near the subdivision’s club house were bitten by the fox. At that point, the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office Animal Control Unit became involved in the incidents and began searching for the fox that was being aggressive. It was never confirmed if the fox was rabid or not.

Two confirmed cases of rabies have been reported in Forsyth County this year. The two wild animals — one fox and one raccoon – were confirmed rabid after attacking persons in June and August. Both attacks occurred in North Forsyth County.

Call 911 or Animal Control at 770-781-2105 to report rabid wildlife behavior.

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