Queen of Angels ‘paint it forward’

Craft inspirational canvases



ROSWELL, Ga. – Queen of Angels Catholic School in Roswell has celebrated the new year by “Painting it Forward.” Nearly 50 faculty and staff came together Jan. 7, one of the coldest days in recent memory, to create inspirational canvases that will be donated to Catholic Charities.

These uplifting paintings will be included in welcome baskets for their Refugee Resettlement Project. Each canvas will be a source of inspiration and care to these families.

“What a wonderful way to start the new year,” said Eileen Sirica Cardillo, local Atlanta artist and founder of Caring Canvases. “Everyone created such beautiful and unique canvases, and had fun, all for a great cause.”

Caring Canvases is a ministry of Joy to the Word, and its mission is to bring uplifting and caring messages to others through inspirational art. Through Caring Canvases, anyone can become the artist of their own creations, and can choose a charitable organization that will benefit by receiving beautiful expressions captured on canvas. Caring Canvases will come to organizations at a home, clubhouse or office, and bring all of the supplies needed to create canvases for others.

For more information, please visit the Caring Canvases tab on the Joy to the Word website at www.joytothewordart.com.

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