QT gets Alpharetta OK on Old Milton Parkway



ALPHARETTA, Ga. – A 2-acre portion of the 13.4-acre tract zoned Office-Professional on the northwest side of Old Milton Parkway and Morris Road was rezoned Monday night, Aug. 27, for commercial use as a Quick Trip gas-convenience store.

The remainder of the property remains zoned Office-Professional.

Surrounding uses include a condominium development zoned R-10M and a Waffle House, other fast food restaurants and a gas-convenience store. The rest of the property, owned by the Robert and Polly Dunn Foundation Inc., will remain zoned for office development.

Although the area according to the Comprehensive Land Use Plan is zoned for office center, the area has had exceptions as seen along Old Milton Parkway, said QuickTrip Corp. attorney Don Rolader.

“The granting of the application will have no negative impact on adjoining or nearby development. Nor will it unduly tax any city services,” Rolader said.

Alpharetta Boards Administrator Kathi Cook said the Comprehensive Land Use Plan does require that no commercial uses be allowed within 600 feet of “gateway” entrances from Ga. 400 into the city.

“However, the QuickTrip that is planned exceeds that distance requirement,” Cook said. “The same is true of the RaceTrac and the Avalon project, which are on the west side of Ga. 400 and Old Milton Parkway,” Cook said. “These properties are outside the Comprehensive Land Use Plan’s proscriptions for gateways off Ga. 400.”

The 5,600-square-foot facility will be on a 2-acre tract on the east side of Ga. 400 at the northwest corner of Old Milton Parkway and Morris Road.

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