Punk Rock Legends X Coming To the Center Stage in Atlanta

Monday August 18 at 8pm



ATLANTA -- Rival Entertainment presents X (with its original line up) and the band Not In The Face on Aug. 18 at the Center Stage in Atlanta. Who knew over 30 years ago when the band X began, there would be music referred to as “classic American punk rock” and they would be among the pioneers for this sound? I’m sure , at the time, X had no idea that a whole generation would be raised on a genre meant to symbolize teen and young adult angst and that someday they would still be performing to all those angsty grown up teens and young adults. The band X, with its original line up in tact, has maintained a pretty active touring schedule for the last year. The concert of X and Not In The Face will play Monday Aug. 18 at 8 p.m. at Center Stage Atlanta.

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