Pumpkin Project comes to Crabapple Elementary



MILTON, Ga. – Halloween is just around the corner, and pumpkins seem to be popping up everywhere. At Crabapple Elementary School, students decorated pumpkins as their favorite literary characters.

The school was first approached with the idea by the Crabapple Community Association, which sought to bring an example of the kids’ work to the community. They proposed an idea that acted on students’ creativity and integrated it into the world outside of the elementary school. The school was eager to participate and jumped on the idea, adapting its short-term curriculum to fit the event.

Students were told that the school was hosting a competition for the best pumpkin.

The kids gathered their pipe-cleaners, glue and safety scissors and got straight to work. In each class, everyone worked together to create their masterpieces. Every class chose a book, and students voted for their favorite character that would soon be reincarnated into a pumpkin.

Once the pumpkins were completed, teachers displayed them outside their classrooms. Entries were judged by representatives of local businesses. The winners were representations of the books – “Skippy John Jones,” “Big Bouffant” and “The Frog and Toad.”

Once the winners were selected, business representatives transported and displayed the pumpkins along the side of Birmingham Highway into the Crabapple business district, adding festive scenery for the upcoming Crabapple Antiques and Art Festival.

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