Public pot use puts Alpharetta couple in jail



ALPHARETTA, Ga. – Two people were arrested April 22 for allegedly smoking marijuana in public.

Police were called to Gardener Drive after complaints of a man and a woman sitting in a car smoking pot.

When police arrived, they found Brian J. Gottlieb, 19, and Caylen Ambria Campbell, 20, both of Gardener Drive, sitting in the suspect vehicle. The officer noted there was a large amount of smoke in the car that smelled of burnt marijuana.

Both allegedly said they had finished what pot they had. The officer found used joints on the driver floorboard, the glove box and on the pavement under one of the tires.

Both were arrested for possession of marijuana. When they were taken to jail, a marijuana pipe allegedly fell out from between Campbell’s legs. Officers searching her found an additional bag of pot.

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