Printer ink theft ring in Milton



MILTON, Ga. – Local stores have been the victims of a group of people who are stealing printer ink cartridges by the hundreds.

Milton Police reported they checked on the Staples store on Ga. 9 April 28 to advise them to be on the lookout for the thieves. While there, store employees told police they had a similar incident occur a few days prior, resulting in $2,200 worth of printer ink stolen.

They said three men entered the store April 22. One man, with a driver’s license for Vernan Hutchinson, of New York, has been in several times. They said he goes to the customer service counter or cashier and tries to pay with a fraudulent check or to return items without a receipt. When employees refuse to serve him, he starts to create a loud fuss. While this is happening, his two companions go to the back of the store and steal the ink.

Other stores in the Atlanta region have also reported being hit by similar scams.

MH 05-14-14

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