Prenuptial Agreements



You may think prenuptial agreements are only for the wealthy. Perhaps, but they are becoming more common than you may think. A recent episode of Rules of Engagement, the hit television show on CBS had an episode with prenuptial agreements as the episode’s focus. The story focused on the issue of trust.

But prenuptials are more than about trust. They are about timing, as well as disclosure. It is important that you broach the subject of a prenuptial well before the wedding date. It is also important that there is complete disclosure of assets ….in all forms… all of them. Failure to do so can result in your prenuptial being declared invalid. Which is a real problem when you things go bad and you are getting a divorce and you think you have a prenuptial agreement. And many people really have difficulty disclosing ALL of their assets.

Remember, if you think a prenuptial agreement could be important to you, start early, really early when introducing the idea. Then create a complete listing of all of your assets. You have already made some assessment of your assets, because that is what may have given you the idea that the prenupt might be a good idea. Get your betrothed to do the same. Full disclosure on both sides is important to an enforceable agreement. The earlier the two of you begin to discuss the idea, the more likely that the two of you may be able to reach an agreement about what you may think is fair, if things do not work out.

Today, many get married later, or have been married before. What that means is that practicality may have greater prominence than romance. What it can also mean is a more informed couple may make more realistic decisions. If you have assets and you want to get married, talk to an attorney. It may be worth it to at least determine the advantages, as well as the perceived disadvantages of a prenuptial agreement.

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