Pregnant woman fights with police in Milton



MILTON, Ga. – An unknown pregnant woman fought with and bit police Nov. 21 after she was caught shoplifting.

Employees of the Kohl’s store on Ga. 9 said they saw the pregnant suspect in the shoe department picking out pairs of shoes, removing them from their boxes and placing the shoes in her shopping cart. She then replaced the empty boxes on the shelf. She then went to the jewelry department where she picked out earring and necklaces, also placing them in her cart. She repeated this in the clothing department, picking out tops. Finally, she went to the fitting room. When she left the fitting room, store employees said her purse was noticeably full and none of the items were left in the fitting room. They stopped her as she attempted to leave the store without paying for her items.

When police arrived, she gave them a false name and began pleading with them not to arrest her and that people would kill her if they found out. She repeatedly said she would kill herself. When police tried to place handcuffs on her, she fought back, even biting one of the officers.

She was taken to North Fulton Hospital for treatment and evaluation. She was charged with shoplifting, felony obstruction of police, giving a false name and battery.

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