Prayers heard loud at Fowler Park



CUMMING, Ga. — Nearly 200 youth members prayed and worshipped to the beat of Parkway Presbyterian Church Youth Band at Fowler Park on Oct. 24.

With the November election close, friends and family wanted to gather to pray about the country’s future.

“We all unite our voices and God hears our prayer,” said Brother John Klein.

The event was called “Prayer Meeting in the Park,” 4110 Carolene Way in Cumming.

Some of the adults in attendance said they want children to know that even though some of them are not old enough to vote, they still hold a lot of power through prayer and the future of our country is important.

Pinecrest Academy high school seniors Olivia Fleck and Paloma Carroll gave testimonies at the event.

“I love starting off the day talking to my best friend, God, who gives me comfort and is with me throughout the whole entire day,” Carroll said.

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