Pot grower gets nabbed in Forsyth County

6 outdoor, 5 indoor plants confiscated



CUMMING, Ga. – Tipsters told Forsyth County deputies someone had been growing marijuana in the 2300 block of Hampton Trail in Cumming. On June 29, deputies arrested a 30-year-old man after they discovered he had been growing plants both indoors and outdoors.

David Leonard Sizemore was charged with manufacturing marijuana at his home.

Sheriff’s office investigators said that in responding to complaints about suspected marijuana plants, they parked their marked cruiser on an adjoining street, so as to not disturb the quiet neighborhood.

After investigators confronted Sizemore, who lived with his parents, about the allegation, Sizemore told deputies he would cut down all his plants right away.

In addition, he said he was the only one involved in the growth and that his parents had no idea what he had been growing. Also, Sizemore told the deputies he suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Sizemore then agreed to show the authorities the marijuana.

Deputies found six plants, ranging from two feet to five feet tall that were growing by the side of the house and behind it.

Deputies said they believed Sizemore attempted to justify the marijuana as sort of a self-medication, given he said he had recently moved to Georgia from the “legal state” of Washington.

Once the investigation moved into the basement, deputies found a growing operation in a room to the side containing five small potted plants, fertilizer and potting soil. A glass smoking pipe and glass pipe used with a bong were also found in other rooms.

Deputies arrested Sizemore and transported him to the Forsyth County Detention Center.

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