Possible poisoning of 100's of Roswell chickens



ROSWELL, Ga. - The chickens at the center of a contentious battle between the city of Roswell and Andrew Wordes were poisoned June 30.

Wordes said sometime Thursday evening someone let all his baby birds - nearly 200 - out of their cages while he was out. When he returned home, he had to round all the chicks up.

Then they began to die.

"Birds I've had for seven years have fallen over dead," Wordes said.

And not just one or two. So far nearly 60 birds have died, mostly young chickens or turkeys, with a possibility of a further 100 contaminated. Wordes has no idea what might have caused it.

"I'm concerned about all my other animals," Wordes said. "I've got dogs, pigs, chickens, roosters. I'm in a quandary about letting any others out of their cages."

Poisoning an animal is a felony.

Police are investigating.

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