Polo match to save horses



ALPHARETTA, Ga – Like any big investment, horses cost a lot to maintain. For many owners, those costs can be higher than they anticipated. That is where the Georgia Equine Rescue League (GERL) comes in.

Chukkar Farm and Polo Club hosted its sixth annual exhibition polo match on July 13. Proceeds went to support GERL. GERL is a statewide program that works with the Department of Agriculture to rescue and rehabilitate horses. This includes programs that castrate, feed and train horses. During the event, speakers explained the sport of polo to guests between chukkars, or periods of play, in the match.

A silent auction, flea market and food sales helped to raise money.

Patty Livingston, GERL president, said that many owners cannot afford their horses. “We have seen people trailer their horse out to the country, open somebody else’s gate and put a horse in there,” said Livingston. Events like this allow GERL to keep up with the growing number of abused or abandoned horses in Georgia. The “stallion to gelding” program helps to pay for the castration, or gelding, of a stallion for owners that have a financial need. Gelding a stallion will help to prevent unwanted births. “You cannot even give away a stallion today,” said Livingston. The “feed a horse” program lets the public donate $150 monthly or the $900 total cost to rehabilitate a horse. GERL had a goal of $2,000 for the event and they were able to raise just over their goal. “Everything helps,” said Livingston. Several events are held through the year to help GERL. For more, visit www.gerlltd.org. Chukkar Farm and Polo Club is at 1140 Liberty Grove Road, Alpharetta.


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