Police seeks Milton CVS robbery suspect



MILTON, Ga. – The CVS Pharmacy at Bethany Bend and Ga. 9 was robbed at gunpoint Aug. 4 at about 9:15 a.m. with thousands of pills stolen.

According to employees of the CVS, the suspect walked into the store and picked up two protein bars and two 5-Hour Energy drinks. He then went to the pharmacy desk to pay for the goods. When the suspect was told he needed identification to buy the 5-hour Energy, he said his ID was in the car and walked out, quickly returning. Instead of his identification, the suspect handed over a pink piece of paper on which he allegedly wrote that the teller should remain calm, that he had a gun and demanded several narcotics.

Employees said he had a bulge on his hip where a gun would be, however at no point was a weapon seen.

The suspect made off with nearly 1,000 pills of Percocet, 400 pills of Oxycodone and nearly 1,500 pills of Alprazolam. In all, the pills are estimated to be worth between $1,500 and $2,000.

The suspect walked away from the store, and employees called police.

While police were on their way to the scene, one officer spotted someone who matched the description of the suspect. According to the officer, “as soon as the suspect made eye contact with me, he took off running.” The suspect ran into some woods with the officer in pursuit; however the officer lost track of him. A police dog was unsuccessful in finding the suspect. The chase was given up after an hour.

The suspect left his original purchases behind when he ran. Police found what they suspect was his bicycle nearby.

The man is described as in his 20s, approximately 5-foot-11 and 170 pounds, wearing a white baseball-style cap, a red or maroon “Under Armour” type shirt, dark pants and a blue jacket. He carried a blue backpack.

Anyone with any information on the identity or whereabouts of the suspect should contact Lt. C.S. Barstow with the Milton Police Department at 770-777-6595 or charles.barstow@cityofmiltonga.us.

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