Police, firefighters honored with awards

Kiwanis holds ceremony



ROSWELL, Ga. – For all the effort police officers and fire fighters put into their jobs, they only get so much credit back. To rectify this, the Kiwanis Club of Historic Roswell hosts an annual awards ceremony for the best of Roswell’s finest June 5. This year, they honored nine public safety employees, four fire fighters and five police officers.

“We have done the Teacher of the Year award for several years and we felt like we have to recognize these people,” said Ron Jackson, with the Kiwanis Club.

Roswell Mayor Jere Wood said he was proud of his city’s safety workers.

“We recruit the best in the Police Department and the Fire Department gets its pick of the best,” Wood said. “When you rise to the top in either the police or fire department, you are at the top od your profession.”

Roswell’s Fire Department is largely made up of volunteer fire fighters. Many of them are full time fire fighters with other departments. Handing out the awards for the fire fighters was Fire Chief Ricky Spencer.

“It says a lot when people take their space time and give it to the City of Roswell,” said Spencer. “It’s in their blood. When they bleed, they bleed fire truck red blood.”

Roswell Police Chief Rusty Grant gave out the awards to his officers.

“We are trying to decide who is the best of the best,” Grant said.

Awards were given out for police officer and firefighter of the year as well as special recognitions.

Those receiving the awards are chosen by their departments. Kiwanis then hosts the award ceremony.

As a special honor, Spencer was recognized for his decades of service ahead of his impending retirement.

“Even though I am leaving, I’m leaving the best part of the department behind – the people,” he said.

The Kiwanis Club of Historic Roswell meets every Thursday at noon at the red Lobster on Holcomb Bridge Road. For more information, visit them at www.roswellkiwanis.org.

Roswell fire fighters and police officers were honored June 5 at the meeting of the Kiwanis Club of Historic Roswell.

Roswell Fire and Rescue

Firefighter of the Year -- Dennis O’Brien

Fire Chief Recognition -- Pabel Troche

Fire Officer of the Year -- John Sadler

Most Improved -- Johnnie Martin

Roswell Police

Police Officer of the Year -- Detective Dana DeWeese

Detention Officer of the Year -- Julianna Brumann

Communications Officer of the Year -- Michelle Schneider

Police Supervisor of the Year -- Sergeant Kyle Ratliff


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