Police arrest man in stolen truck for taking 2 TVs from Windward Walmart



MILTON, Ga. — A Stone Mountain man was arrested Nov. 13 after allegedly tried to get the jump on Black Friday by stealing two TVs from the Windward Walmart.

Police were called by store employees after they said a man dressed as a Walmart employee had wheeled two $998 TVs out of the store without paying. He put them in a white Ford F-150 and drove off. Employees noted the license plate number.

Police caught up with the suspect’s truck on Ga. 400 southbound. The plate and vehicle matched witness descriptions; so did the driver, Thornton Jonathan Simmons, 43, of Stone Mountain. He was dressed in khakis and a blue shirt, mimicking a Walmart employee uniform. In the bed of the truck were two TVs.

Simmons also reportedly smelled of alcohol and had an open bottle of Four Loko in the truck.

Simmons told police he was with a friend who had shown him a receipt for the TVs before the pair left. He could not explain where the friend went after the pair left the store. Store surveillance footage showed Simmons alone.

To add to Simmons’ troubles, the license plate on the vehicle he was driving did not belong to the truck. The truck was discovered to be stolen two days earlier from Atlanta. Simmons said he was borrowing the truck from the owner. The owner said he did not know Simmons.

Simmons was arrested and charged with felony shoplifting, theft by receiving stolen goods, DUI, driving with an open container of alcohol and removing a license plate.

He also had a warrant for his arrest out of Gwinnett.

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