Point – Counterpoint: Does Roswell zoning variance set dangerous precedent?

Zoning decision better for environment



The Roswell City Council demonstrated common sense, concern for the environment and support of homeowners last Monday night by granting an  exception to Roswell’s “Steep Slope” Ordinance to allow construction of a home on Robinwood Court. 

Without this exception, the Roswell Steep Slope Ordinance would not have allowed construction because the lot slopes steeply  to the creek in the rear.

Roswell’s Environmental Department recommended approval of this exception because the owner is granting a conservation easement over the rear  of the lot, permanently increasing the undisturbed stream buffer to 70 feet. 

This wider stream buffer provides more  water quality protection than the Steep Slope Ordinance.  

Roswell City Attorney David Davidson assured the council that this exception  does not set a legal precedent or weaken the  Steep Slope Ordinance.

Every homeowner on Robinwood Court supported this exception because they felt the vacant lot made their neighborhood appear unfinished. 

Mr.  Fleck’s criticism of the Council’s decision appears to be based more on plans to run for City Council in November, than  on logic or the facts. 

Mayor Jere Wood

Roswell Ga.

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